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Thank you for your interest in helping us keep these rare warbirds flying.

Posted 04/27/2013

We are currently working to raise money for a needed spare engine for Executive Sweet and to get the airplane and crew to Topeka Kansas for the Gathering of Warbirds & Legends 2013. This is slated to be the largest gathering of warbirds since world war II and a once in a lifetime chance to show our airplane and give rides to some very deserving veterans of world war II.

Please give today and come out and see us at the air show.

Thank You

DONATE TODAY by using the link below or by
contacting the AAF at 805.377.2106
all donations are tax deductible

Please help the AAF preserve America's World War II flying history. Your donations are vital to the work of the AAF and keeping our aircraft flying. Your generousity is greatly appreciated.

The donation link below will accept any amount and most major credit cards.


We are in the midst of our C-47 restoration, and there is still much work to be done prior to being able to offer "Flight Experience" rides.

This aircraft has combat history and served in the 51st Troop Carrier Wing during WWII.

We have many sponsorship options available for interested donors. In return we can offer media coverage of our eventual return to flight, private flights for you and your guests, VIP and Corporate Eventss, sponsorship banners, naming rights and much more. Donations to the AAF are tax deductible.

All of us who restore and fly this aircraft are all donors of our time and talents to "Keep 'em Flying!"

Please contact us directly for additional information or to come out for a look around.

Join us in the air for the flight of a lifetime aboard our B-25J "Executive Sweet"


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